Kristin Cooke

Best In Class Award-winning Designer

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Product Design | Visual Design | Graphic Design

Design is much more than pattern, form and layout. It is it’s own story, and it's own vision and memory.

Capital One

Principal Associate User Experience Designer
"Changing Banking For Good"



User Experience Designer | Design Lead
"Innovating to protect investors and ensure market integrity"

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Frontend Developer | UI Designer | Visual Designer,
TiVo Roamio Product Launch

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Nonprofit Founder
Reconnecting Human Context

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Past Work

Digital & Print Design
FINRA Technology Create-a-thon

FINRA Technology| Create-a-thon

Posters for wall art at Create-a-thon event
FINRA Technology

FINRA Technology

Award-winning site design 2015
NFL Charities

NFL Charities

Sub heading for the project
Project Example

TiVo Mobile Responsive

Footer + Icon Design
TiVo Roamio Interface

TiVo Roamio Interface

Interface Design for TiVo Roamio and TiVo Mini
FINRA Technology

FINRA Technology

Digital interactive screens for tech article releases

About KCooke

Creative Professional
Team Member

Kristin Cooke

UX Design Lead | Founder

Starting in Graphic Design in 2002 and morphing this skill with Web Design and Development, I have grown to be a two time Best in Class award-winning product designer. I have built a resume full of companies like Capital One Finance, Under Armour, Discovery Communications, TiVo Inc. and many more. Today, I am a partner of Accessibility, a visual design community of practice lead, a diversity and inclusion practice lead, a lead in creative direction, a Visual Design mentor, and a lead in strategy of creating enterprise design systems, a design teacher of CSS, leading design visionary for product dashboards in Responsive Web, and Native iOS/ Android. My passion space is visual design and UI, but have extensive experience in UX Discovery, Strategy and Delivery, and Design Thinking training within product teams.

My work process

How I do ALL of the things.


Let's grab a beer and talk through your needs.



I really like to take a little time to soak in your project needs.



Brainstorm and push through complex thinking until it makes sense in the simplest of ways.

16 Years
10 Companies
2 Design Projects/Teams led
40 Best in Class Awards

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