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Problem Statement

How might we elevate our clients into a more efficient method of smart banking for commercial products?

Research + Strategy

"Changing Banking For Good."
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Capital One Roles

Principal UX Design Lead Creative Direction of UX


At Capital One I started a React and Angular design system team that redesigned and developed our hard-coded infrastucture to be plug and play within a short time requirement for Commercial banking products. The goal of this was not only to enable our designers and developers to edit and manage components quickly, but also to build consistency for our Commercial clients that didn't previously exit. This work required understanding of the infrastructure architecture, and pitching a proposal with backend break down to business stakeholders, tech leads, and product owners which I did with the help of a lead front and back end engineer I selected. Parallel to this work I led discovery and delivery through Service Design for responsive web and native mobile applications for Commercial products. Leading on both discovery and delivery for Commercial and later Consumer Card Rewards as the sole designer, I built interactive infrastructure maps for the CEO, created curriculum for, led and co-facilitated accessibility training and awareness across our product train of over 80 people. Before this, Accessibility was not well understood or practiced.

I have led Visual Design Communities of Practice across Capital One Design for ~600 designers, been a voice and participant in building Inclusive and Diverse Design practices, and built stronger partnerships between product, design, tech, Brand and Digital Messaging teams. Additionally, I introduced Brand Experience into UX, and built partnerships to connect product to brand vision.

Deep Dive on Product Design

For further details, please view my Slides and contact me for the password.

Analysis + Research

We needed to find a way to upgrade our products to current accessibility standards, and modern patterns while simultaneously building out our first ever design system to enable smart banking. We had numerous up and coming banking apps to compete with. During my time redesigning the Commercial Card platform, I conducted empathy interviews, created service blueprints, wireframes, prototypes plus testing, mockups, and an infrastructure map in partnership with Systems Architects and Engineers. To tie in the parallel work, I wired in 3 stages of design system buy-in strategy meetings with stakeholders for each major feature. During this time I also began building partnerships with the Commercial Brand and Marketing team to ensure we as a UX team were properly aligning with the Brand Promise our clients were accustomed to for so long.

The problem our customers were facing was that our platform didn't work as expected. In field research I learned that some of our clients had to specifically hire another employee just to learn our system because they didn't have time to and it was overly complex. Over the course of 3 years we would lose a number of faithful clients due to the poor nature of our infrastructure builds, and the lack of direction that can be provided by a healthy design system. For every component present in our applications, each one was hard coded by engineers prior to having access to a UX design team. Each hard coded component reacted differently per use case and per screen. Information architecture was not clear, and IA strategy was never implemented. As you can imagine, this could be quite frustrating to navigate when moving large sums of money for your business.

Strategy + Scope

I met regularly with other internal bank LOBs to adopt their notes on similar features, and built partnerships held product owners, development teams, and tech leads across LOBs as I walked them through stages of value proposition to build alignment. It's easy getting swept up in the sauce of business, so I made and make every effort to be the internal voice of our customers while aligning parallel to business needs. Balance is key. I held multiple sessions to educate tech, product and development on Design Thinking and what it means to specifically empathize with the client. Together, under my facilitation, we as a product team began to define our problem statement, co-build product OKRs, Values, and adopt new methodologies under constraints.

For every feature whether it be notifications, reporting, account management, or moving money, I held a new set of workshops, interviews, shareouts, collaboration partnership rituals, and educational training opportunities for the entire product team. I trained our team members to be able to assist with interviews without asking leading questions, ran prototype UAT on usertesting.com through InVision, and built out final assessments to share back with our product teams in order to determine our next steps for upgrades and enhancements.


Team Member

LOB Touchpoints

All product outcomes can be spoken to privately as these features are not yet released.

  • Consumer Card Products
    • Savor
    • Quicksilver
    • Venture
    • Premium
  • Commercial B2B Products
    • Commercial Card Platform
    • T+Easy
    • Intellix

Channel Touchpoints

  • Responsive Web
  • Native App (iOS + Android + Windows)
  • TV
  • Email
  • SMS
  • ATM
  • Push/SwiftID
  • Eno Chatbot

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